Ficheras: The Last Cabaret

︎︎︎Solo-Exhibition: Almanaque Fotográfica | Mexico City
Artist Statement:

Ficheras is part of the popular Mexican slang, refers to the women who invited men to drink in bars and cabarets. The word fichera has been commonly used for years, but in the 70's became a cinema subgenre. It was a cinema with a female nudity, musical numbers and misogyny. As films directed entirely by men, the female image is mostly reduced to decorative. This series is inspired by the desire, as a woman, to reappropriate this aesthetic and the female representation in this specific context, exploring an intimate perspective. The subjects in the photographs appear unknown, disillusioned, even with bruises, surrounded by an artificial glamorized beauty. Meanwhile the Mexican-US border city of Ciudad Juárez rise as nightlife center, television monopoly of Televisa directs the idiosyncrasy for our country, and harsh student political repressions exploits, some of which appear in this fiction represented as mentions in the hegemonic mass media.